About us

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What makes us special

 We provide more than 20 years’ experience in the search and recruitment of senior executives, managers and collaborators, and in-depth knowledge of the Argentine Northwest (NOA) human resources market.

 We are one of the leading executive search companies. Our diverse collective of specialists includes up-to-date knowledge of the “Who is Who” in each sector.

 We offer detailed knowledge of the standards, practices and procedures required by multinational companies, as well as flexibility, agility and personal contact as required by a family business or start-up.

 We collaborate with universities. Currently we work on shared projects with the Catholic University of Salta. We train company personnel through talks and meetings, volunteering and mentoring. We are founding members of, and remain active in the Sustainable North (Norte Sustentable) which includes more than 20 multinational, national and local companies. Together with large and small business we focus on Sustainability.


The Team


Andrea Marton

+54 9 387 614-4066